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Problems and Solutions

All business organizations suffer from financial losses that affect profits. In fact, any organization that employs workers, contains raw materials and products or provides services is vulnerable to certain risks caused by flawed processes, human error, theft, embezzlement, etc. Assessing /reducing losses is made possible through an accounting process that ultimately displays the missing monetary value. In some cases, annual losses are enormous in relation to the annual sales turnover.

Keret’s team strives to minimize the financial loss incurred by various businesses by studying the existing risk cycles and creating infrastructures for procedures, processes, training, security measures, screening, classification, monitoring and preventive control. The team also identifies theft and embezzlement, investigates these cases in order to rectify the damage and draw the conclusions required to prevent such incidents from recurring.

Involving Keret in your organization is a wise business investment that maintains the organization’s profitability.

For further information on how we can assist your business, please contact us and we will be glad to be of service.

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