Over the past few years, Israel has become a “powerhouse” of pharmaceutical crime. In fact, crime of this sort has become an ever-growing trend worldwide, manifesting itself in forgery and theft on an enormous scale. Many of us encounter this form of crime in the e-mails we get offering dubious medications, and pharmacy break-ins are becoming increasingly common.

Pharmaceutical thefts and forgeries do not occur by chance; on the contrary, these events are well planned and some of them involve employees of these places and gangs that specialize in the pharmaceutical industry.

The drug trade, as well as the conditions under which these drugs are kept, pose a threat to public safety; as such much stricter legislation is called for and resources must be allocated to finding a more comprehensive solution to the problem.

Keret has gained experience with identifying the risks, the breaches and the prevention process, and has minimized potential thefts and break-ins of pharmacies, distribution centers and distribution channels by working closely with the Ministry of Health and the Israel Police.

Keret’s professional team guides the company’s managers on an ongoing basis, assumes managerial responsibility and provides a professional solution to emerging risks.
As a result, the organization’s profitability increases while its assets and reputation are maintained.

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