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Keret has an organized method of dealing with losses:

  • Identifying risks – An in-depth analysis of the risks to which the organization is exposed, including both external and internal threats.
  • Defining necessary processes and planning organizational changes based on the risks identified.
  • Monitoring and supervision to safeguard the product in the logistic chain, i.e. receiving the raw materials, refunds and credits, disposal, expiration dates, inventory and spot checks, and providing comprehensive guarantees until the process is implemented.
  • Operations control – In-depth monitoring to assess the implementation of the chain’s policy, procedures and work processes. These monitoring processes heighten awareness within the organization, thereby substantially reducing the potential for errors, monetary theft or sophisticated embezzlement.
  • Training – Training executives and employees on the subject of loss prevention and providing them with tools to handle the various threats leading to the monetary loss caused by employees, customers and flawed processes.
  • Meeting with company managers (production, logistics, information, R&D, finance and others) in order to assess and gather data on merchandise, raw materials or money funneled out of the organization.
  • Reliability inspections by mystery shoppers – Assessing employee reliability by means of mystery shoppers who assume different identities, at various times and using a variety of methods. These inspections yield several cases of monetary theft by employees.
  • Installing hidden cameras – Presenting reports on employee activity and their reliability in different areas of the point of sale.
  • Investigation services – Handling cases of embezzlementand monetary loss. Tracking, surveying, investigating, and guiding the customer on an ongoing basis vis-à-vis the employee and the authorities.

Keret is in charge of defining clear processes and procedures, installing protective and deterrent devices, and designing inspection and monitoring systems – the cornerstone for protecting the organization’s money.

Loss prevention or risk management is a way of thinking/management method designed to minimize – ahead of time – any risk that could expose the organization to risks liable to be detrimental to assets, profitability or proper operation.

Keret provides organizations with the solutions required to instill awareness, identify risks, foster prevention and identify and address risk factors.

For further information on how we can assist your business, please contact us and we will be glad to be of service.

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