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Our Team

Keret’s team has vast knowledge and experience in risk managementand loss prevention. The entire staff is equipped to handle various challenges in order to ensure prompt, professional service to its customers. Keret’s executive team strives to tailor the company’s knowledge to the client’s needs and provides solutions for various industries such as retail, energy, the vehicle industry, logistics, etc.
Our team offers insights, support and ongoing guidance in order to provide our customers with the means to achieve their goals.

Yoram Zil
Yoram ZilCo-CEO and Owner
Founder, owner and co-CEO of the Keret Information and Service Company. Mr, Keret is a licensed private investigator with 20 years of experience who is authorized to conduct investigations on behalf of the Ministry of Justice. He specializes in loss prevention in the retail industry and in handling all aspects of depreciation, including work procedures, employee theft and client red tape. Mr. Keret has been serving as a senior advisor to some of Israel’s largest retail chains for over a decade.
Yoram Medioni
Yoram MedioniDeputy Director of Loss Prevention
Deputy Director of the Loss Prevention Division.
Mr. Medioni joined Keret in 2005. He has a strategic perspective, operational abilities and the skill to see through to fruition all the processes under his responsibility. Mr. Medioni specializes in analyzing risks as well as in defining and implementing work procedures. He is highly skilled in industry, logistics, pharmaceutics and retail. Mr. Medioni is a former operations officer in one of IDF’s largest field units, and is currently Acting Manager for loss prevention in various large organizations.
Rina Zigdon
Rina ZigdonAccounting Manager
Ms. Zigdon manages the company’s finances. She has extensive professional experience, broad vision and an in-depth understanding of her field of activity.
Leonid Vilenchik
Leonid VilenchikInformation Systems Manager
Leonid Vilenchik joined Keret in 2004. In his former position he served in the IDF in the area of information systems. Mr. Vilenchik currently manages Keret’s information systems as well as the company’s Development Department, which provides technological solutions for the organization and its clients.
Mr. Vilenchik holds a degree in software engineering and has 11 years of experience in the field of information systems, as well as the design and development of BPM and HR systems.
Yotam Stoler
Yotam Stoler
Yotam Stoler joined Keret in 2008. As an IDF officer, he served as a detective in the military police investigations unit (MEZACH). Prior to joining Keret, Mr. Stoler served as a security officer at the Diamond Exchange and currently manages loss prevention in several vehicle and retail organizations.
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