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The Vehicle Industry

The vehicle industry has always been a magnet for crime. Newspapers have recently reported that car thieves are now targeting the bonded warehouses of vehicle importers.. Gangs of vehicle and car parts thieves break into bonded warehouses where many importers store vehicles before they are released from customs. In some cases the thieves choose not to steal whole cars but rather spare parts whose absence is only noticed when the warehouse workers open up the vehicles. Car lots, sales companies, leasing companies, importers and distributers are a convenient target for crime gangs. The vehicles and spare parts account for a large share of the criminal market. The police has set up the Etgar unit in an attempt to squash the trend.

The risks facing the vehicle industry include: violent break-ins, employee theft, collaboration with sophisticated organizations, spare parts theft, movers’ theft, heavy engineering equipment, fuel theft, fraud by leasers, sabotage, etc..

Keret provides solutions for identifying risks, designing a work plan, presenting creative solutions and defining work processes, procedures, training modalities and secret monitoring and supervision strategies.

Keret’s professional team guides the company’s managers on an ongoing basis, assumes managerial responsibility and provides a professional solution to emerging risks.
As a result, the organization’s profitability increases while its assets and reputation are maintained.

For further information on how we can assist your business, please contact us and we will be glad to be of service.

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