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About us:

Keret was established in 1995 by Yossi Keret and Yoram Zil based on their perception that loss prevention is a vital component in the organization’s profitability.

The company’s vast industry and retail experience brought home the need for overall consulting and effective, tailored to each organization – from identifying the risks to implementing the changes within the organization.

The company’s activities can be likened to an anti-virus program that forestalls oversights liable to lead to loss and provides the organization with continuous protection against anticipated losses.

Keret offers customer-tailored solutions with a single goal in mind –maintaining the organization’s profitability and assets.

Keret is Israel’s leading and most professional loss prevention company, which provides services to a wide range of businesses such as retail chains, industrial plants and some of Israel’s biggest vehicle industry players.

Keret’s draws on both international and local experience, tailors its services to the needs and character of the organization and adjust the budgetary requirements based on cost/benefit considerations.

The company focuses on such wide-ranging tasks as learning the organization’s needs, identifying risks, threats and weaknesses,
and – at a later stage – setting up security circuits, resources, processes, work procedures training, as well as monitoring and control in order to cope with the various risks.

Keret’s team is a leading and significant factor affecting the organization’s profitability. 
The team of managers and employees possess the operational strategies, knowledge and experience required to characterize the following:

Keret’s team consists of top loss prevention professionals.
The company’s executives have 25 years of experience under their belt and its employees were hand-picked for their positions with an emphasis on first-rate professionalism, tenacity of purpose and outstanding customer service.

For further information on how we can assist your business, please contact us and we will be glad to be of service.

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